About Neutron

Neutron was made to be simple to use and simple to understand. To help you create semantic and understandable code. And powerful and flexbile, Neutron works for you, not the other way around.

Neutron was created by

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Chris Muller


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Trevor Kay


Why we made Neutron

We made Neutron because most frameworks out there forced you to fill your HTML with classes that were essentially in-line styles. The few that didn't do that were complicated to use or still clung to ideas that didn't make sense in modern web development, holding onto them only because that's what they were used to doing.

At each step of building Neutron we analysed how we implemented things and if they really made sense and if there were better ways to do something. There was no reason to force users to think of abstract concepts like columns, especially restricting you to only 12 of them. There was no reason to force users to declare rows and columns separately when you have to declare all of them together each time.

We wanted Neutron to reflect modern values of web development: simple, semantic, and powerful. Simple to use and understand; semantic in the HTML, but also human-readable in the styles themselves. The easier it is for you to understand what is going on from the very beginning the easier it is for you to change and improve your project.

Simple and semantic are important, but we wanted a powerful tool as well, one that could keep up with changing design requirements from users and changing web development standards and practices. Neutron will make the coming transition to flexbox much simpler both for your design, and for understanding the concepts yourself.